• ATN NVB3X-2I
  • ATN NVB3X-2I
  • ATN NVB3X-2I

The NVB3 is a medium range Night Vision Bi-ocular. The NVB3 combines a high quality image intensifier tube with a two eyepieces that lets the user comfortably look through the unit with both eyes. The NVB provides the user with excellent resolution and a wider field of view then other units.

What's In The Box
Warranty Card
Instruction Manual
Lens Tissue
Soft Carrying Case 2
One Lithium Battery (CR123A)
Neck Lanyard

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  • Виробник: NVB SERIES
  • Модель: ATN NVB3X-2I
  • Наявність: Нема у наявності
  • $1 850

Теги: ATN NVB3X-2I