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The Night Spirit MP multipurpose monocular night vision device is the best budget tactical night vision monocular product on the market. By combining the functionality of multiple devices into one monocular product, the Night Spirit MP is able to create one of the most comprehensive night vision experiences, serving as a monocular, scope, goggle, and even a camera lens. However, optical performance and high quality durable materials were not sacrificed in order to make the Night Spirit MP the most budget friendly multipurpose monocular. The Night Spirit MP is designed in a variety of popular night vision generations. Regardless of which generation best suits your needs, every single device contains ATN's signature high quality photocathode tube and a built in infra red illuminator, to ensure that even in the darkest situations, its performance will stand strong. In addition, the device is designed with ergonomic controls to make holding and aiming the device easy and comfortable. For the most affordable high quality monocular night vision solution, the Night Spirit MP has you covered.

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ATN Night Spirit MP-2I
$1 300
ATN Night Spirit MP-WPTI
$1 750

The NVM14 night vision monocular device is one of the most rugged and easy to use monoculars available on the market. Created with military grade hardware and materials, the NVM14 is designed to survive even the roughest and toughest of environments. To that end, it is also waterproof to ensure no obstacle is too tough for this monocular.

Good things sometimes come in small packages, and nowhere is that more true than in ATN's NVM14. It uses the same high quality photocathode image intensifier tubes as in some of ATN's scopes and larger devices, but packed into a tiny monocular device. Plus, the monocular is designed to be used with only one hand. Its ergonomically designed shape, and easy to reach controls, leave one hand free. In addition, automatic brightness control and a bright light shutoff simplify usage, and keep your image clear and focused, even in conditions when the brightness around you can change at a moment's notice. The NVM14 is designed with a built in infrared illuminator for when the situation is at its darkest.

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$1 650
$2 350
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