In ATNs continuing effort to supply our clients with cutting edge Night Vision solutions we are proud to introduce a new line of select units based on ATN White Phosphor Technology©(WPT™).

White Phosphor Technology©

In ATNs continuing effort to supply our clients with cutting edge Night Vision solutions we are proud to introduce a new line of select units based on ATN White Phosphor Technology©(WPT™).

Studies show that nighttime scenes appear remarkably more natural in black and white versus the usual green. B&W provides clearer information about contrast, shapes and shadows. ATNs White Phosphor Technology© provides users with this natural B&W Night Vision Image.

Operators that tested units that use ATN WPT™ reported a significantly better degree of detail, overall contrast, full moon similarity and range of shades. WPT™ provides more discriminating shades of intensity between white and black than between green and black resulting in better contrast and depth perception then when compared to green phosphor NVG's.

The majority of the WPT™ performance characteristics are on par or better then the latest Gallium Arsenide based image intensifier tubes. WPT™ specifications include typical resolution of 60 lp/mm (with some over 74 lp/mm) and Signal-to-Noise figures as high as 25.

7 out of 10 users name WPT™ as a "Night Vision Preference" when compared with common green Night Vision, especially in an urban environment. "No lab testing needed on WPT™ - the depth perception is phenomenal and noticeably better than what I used in the past." - SOF Operator K.

WPT™ is available now in limited quantities in a wide variety of systems such as ATN PVS14/6015 tactical monocular, ATN NVM-14 multifunctional pocket scope/goggle, ATN Mars4x and ATN Mars6x medium to long range Weapon Sights.

Designed for Special Operations WPT™ is not a toy. If your life depends on your gear and you want to improve your operational effectiveness you should check it out.

Tube specifications
  • Photo Cathode type: Multi-Alkali
  • Image output: Black & White image output
  • Resolution: 60-74 lp/mm ( 68 Typical )
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 18-26 ( 22 Typical )
  • Tube life: 10,000 hour


National Tactical Officer's Association (NTOA) has completed its review and testing of the ATN 6015-WPT™ Night Vision Monocular and has received an overall score of 4.9 out of a possible 5.

The ATN 6015-WPT™ monocular is based on ATN's successful PVS-14 system used by the U.S. Military. The ATN 6015-WPT™ can be hand-held, head/helmet-mounted for hands free usage can be adapted to be used with cameras or camcorders. The ATN 6015-WPT™ also features ATN's latest Night Vision innovation of White Phospor Technology© in which the viewer sees a crisp black and white image instead of the traditional green glowing image. This new technology allows for a clearer image with more detail and greater depth perception; critical elements for law enforcement and private security surveillance.

The officers performing the tests rated the performance, design, ease-of-use, quality, versatility, and convenience with high scores of 4.9 or above. "I really enjoy the clearer image unlike most NVD's that illuminate in the typical green hue... I would recommend this unit (ATN 6015-WPT™) to any agency that is looking at purchasing quality NVD's"


Wildlife study of observing flying waterfowl interactions with obstructions dictated the need to have fine resolution at distances up to 300+ yds and good depth of field.NVM14-WPT™ provided greater range of detection, greater recognition, provided finer detail, and provided better depth of field at all ranges.

The initial impression of comparing the white phosphorus image to the green image is that the green image is brighter. However, after viewing the white image for a short period of time (a minute or two) that impression changes to the green image producing a glare-type image and the white phosphorus producing a non-glaring, detailed image, like looking at a black and white photo. When using the scope continuously for extended periods of time, the white image also seems less stressful.

The Commission is very pleased with the performance of the NVM14-WPT™ for the current application and believes that it will provide very good performance for a variety of other applications.